Ansel  Fineberg was born and lived in Riga, Latvia, which was part of  Czarist Russia. At that time. 
Jews were severely mistreated and men were forced into military service. In 1893 he escaped and  immigrated to the United States, living with families who had come from his hometown.  Ansel worked for 5 years to earn the fares to bring his wife and children over to join him.  Five children were born in Russia and came to the United States. Three other were born in the states.


Samuel, the oldest brother, became a peddler, like many immigrants of the time.  He settled in
                Vermont, where his son still owns a shoe store.


Phillip, another brother, worked mostly as a salesman.


Esther, the oldest sister, moved to Fall River with her husband where they owned a house connected
              to a mom and pop store.


Louis, worked with his father in the scrap business and later owned his own wool waste shop in the
             South End of Boston. He gave his younger brother Nathan $100 towards his first year  of
             Medical school


Morris, was another brother started a plumbing business in the Boston area.


Nathan, was born in Chelsea, Mass on July 9, 1900.  He enrolled in Harvard College and received
                his B.S. degree. He was admitted to Boston University School of Medicine in 1926. 

Pauline, trained as a bookkeeper, continuing her work after her marriage and helping Nathan in the
                 office.  She continued to do so until she reached the age of 90.  She traveled alone from her
                 home in Chelsea to Nathanís office in Newton.


Frances, the youngest sister, was a secretary to Nathan before and after getting married.